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 TV/Movie Edition

Jan 2017

A few of the shows and movies that have really given me all the vibes this month:

1. 7th Heaven - every episode ever made is available on Hulu+ and it gives me all the feels

2. Good Behavior - current TNT show staring the impeccable Michelle Dockery

3. The Late, Late, Show with James Corden - more specifically "Carpool Karaoke" with Madonna

4. The Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life - watched it all the night it started but can't quit it

5. Wild Oats - these characters are my future-self spirit animals #shirleymaclaine #nopunintended

6. Victoria - Masterpiece Classic on PBS

7. At Middleton - Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia are just heartwarming

8. The Durrells In Corfu - really wonderful Masterpiece Classic that I keep revisiting

Leave a comment with some of the TV or movies that have given you all the feels this month!

Happy watching for the rest of January!


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"Beauty is not caused. It is." - Emily Dickinson

As I waded my way through the images of Saturday, I began to drag and drop files into my iMessage. I was brimming with excitement at what I was looking through and knew Mallory had to see these images immediately. After sending the first, I quickly commented on how I loved that particular image and how stunningly beautiful she is. A minute passed and the response that answered was excitement mixed with a slight hesitation : 

"Oo la la! I love that!...but I think it is more the photographer than the beauty!"

The truth of the matter is that a photographer simply captures in time the subject they are photographing.

Admittedly, Emily Dickinson said it much more eloquently.

Mallory, YOU are beautiful darling.


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 Visual/Sound Edition

Jan 2017

Just a sampling of a few things that have been bringing in the good vibes recently:

1. oil painting by German artist Martin Wehmer

2. Casetify Apple Watch bands

3. Jon Bellion's voice, specifically All Time Low

4. Madonna's Rebel Heart album and cover art

5.  Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford for the cover of Entertainment Weekly

6. black dog sketch by artist Sally Muir

7. model Alicia Borrás

8. promotional imagery for Victoria

What are some things art & music related that have been bringing you the good vibes this month?

Hope you've had a rad visual & audible January so far!


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Looking back over the last couple of weeks, or maybe even the last few months, I can see a change in myself. I don't want this to be misconstrued; some great things have been happening, but it has given me reason to stop and look at life a little differently. I've tried to take a step back, to have a different perspective. This isn't easy to do, in fact it can be rather difficult while all the pieces of life are still whirling around you and beckoning you to abandon your decision to look more intently. I've been trying to go back to a time in my life where my perspective was significantly different than it is today, and the recurring images that come to mind are these...


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A dog named Jake, a black car and 500 tennis balls...everyone meet Ethan.

It was a magnificently sunny day at the tennis club where we chose to shoot and there were endless possibilities! We started off on his favorite court where he spends hours practicing his perfect form and amazing serve. Ethan's family joined us for his session and I enjoyed watching them together as they hit the ball around for the perfect action shots. Our second location was a grassy hill overlooking the lake just beyond the courts, it was here that I met Jake, the family dog and Ethan's best friend. Never has a dog been more well behaved while a strange girl with a camera hurriedly ran around them. The two of them together pulled at the heart strings, one second they are side by side the next Jake has turned and put his little paw on Ethan as if to say...this is my guy. The next set of images incorporated Ethan's car, we chose a field above the courts and an empty parking deck as our background. A lot of hard w...


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As I sit sipping orange juice from a plastic cup vaguely depicting the alien character Alfe and the words "No Problem", and listen to the antics of Miranda Hart's self entitled show in the background, I suddenly feel inspired to write. Lately my thoughts have been mingled, the kind of mingled that tends to leave you in a state of "having all the feels" as I like to call it. This has left me with one recurring question.

Why is it that I always seem to put off today?

I have a list of things. It consists of thoughts, inspirations, ideas, all motivations that I have today, but then tuck away for the impendent tomorrow.

Why is this?Is it that I feel today isn't important enough, that I couldn't possibly encapsulate even a percentage of the potential into the current day? Or is it rather that I feel my list of things is quite simply not valid enough to even begin?I fear the latter.

My conclusion, enough.

These things I have listed, they have validity. They have exceeding potential and worth....